CFMA Metro Detroit Chapter

CCIFP Scholarship Application


The CFMA Metro Detroit Chapter has established a $500 Scholarship to encourage members to obtain the CCIFP certification. The scholarship is intended to reimburse a new CCIFP certified CFMA member for the cost of studying and sitting for the CCIFP exam.


Upon successfully passing the CCIFP exam, the applicant must complete this form and submit proof of passing with this application. To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must be a member of the Metro Detroit CFMA chapter and submit this application and proof of passing within 60 days from receiving acknowledgment of the CCIFP certification. Only one $500 scholarship may be awarded per applicant.


Please submit the completed application (below) or questions to Chris Greene, CFMA Metro Detroit Chapter Vice President, via email at


The CFMA Metro Detroit Chapter CCIFP Scholarship has been established by the Board of Directors and is subject to amendment or withdrawal.


Download the application to apply here.